Math-a-thon Interschool Quiz 2017-2018

An interschool quiz competition was conducted in which 8 schools participated. 2 students from each school were chosen based on a preliminary online quiz conducted in each school. The finalists represented their respective schools in the finals. At the end of 5 rounds, Hegde Nagar Urdu medium school and Cleveland Town school won the trophies.

Achievers corner 2017-2018

A total of 700 ‘WildCraft’ bags were distributed to the high achievers across all grades in all schools. Top 7 performers of each grade who were proficient in primary math were awarded these bags.

Tejas Foundation Maths Practice Book

Students practice from in-house math text books in addition to digital modes.

Tejas Foundation Free Software

Early learning starting from the 1st grade where children have access to high quality digital as well as workbook and activity based content. The program is sponsored by generous donors and provided free of cost to the schools.

Tejas foundation faculty

Tejas Foundation has a team of well qualified faculty who work closely with the students. Each school has two full time teachers from Tejas Foundation who help in running the Math Lab seamlessly.

Achievers corner 2016-2017

High quality WildCraft school bags gifted to best peformers.
(bags sponsored by WILDCRAFT)

Students hone their math skills on tabs.

Hubli students work on tablets - this makes it easier for instructors to use them across many schools