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News About Tejas Foundation activity in Government school featured in headline news on 15-12-2014 in Local News:

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All the Secretaries/ Principals/ HM's,,
Catholic Colleges/ Schools,

Here’s some good news for you. Many of our institutions are catering to the underprivileged children and as such I know as to how difficult it is to offer quality education without finance. Tejas foundation has come all out to offer digital content free of cost.Tejas foundation has been working towards educating underprivileged children since Nov 2011. It was formally registered as a Charitable institution in March 2012. The foundation develops digital content (which is animated and voice enabled) as per the state syllabus. Currently medium of instruction is English.The foundation also conducts teachers, students and parents orientation programs.The foundation has also developed maths practice package where unlimited problems are generated for practice in maths as per curriculum. Students can practice maths at their own pace and get score. Kindly make use of this opportunity for the benefit of your students.

The trust members will be meeting you personally.

Thanking you and wishing you
the best in all your undertakings.
Yours in service and in Christ,

Regional Pastoral Center, 2nd Cross Da costa Layout, St. Thomas Tower Post, Bangalore – 560 084.
Phone: 080 25807187 Mobile: 9986990398 / 9480090398
E-mail:, / Web:

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It is said that visual understanding is better than something written which is why we adopted E-Learning System in our school. This was introduced by Tejas Foundation. We have noticed that students enjoy learning and it has had a great impact on their studies. As per our survey there has been an increase in interest and change in the marks of our students in Maths with tremendous practice provided by the Maths Erudite package. In Science, understanding has improved since all experiments and activities have been visually demonstrated and review questions help in evaluating the understanding. The system is proven to be very helpful in today's education system.

I believe the schools should more often provide their students with this Visual understanding as today's generation is more forward and comfortable with technology. E-learning system is colourful, descriptive and gives a vivid imagination unlike the boring textbooks which is why these kind of systems should be adopted and used more often.

Sayeeda Taranum (Principal) Twinkle Public School B.S.A Tannery Road Bangalore 560 005

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Respected Madam Namaste,

It gives me pleasure to say thanks for installing the contents for primary and higher primary sections which is very helpful not only to the students but also the teachers. The contents are highly appreciable, our school is taking full advantage of your contents. I pray to God for your success and improvement in your professional field.

With thanks
Principal Global Public School,

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(#19, Eidgah complex B.S.A (Tannery) Road, Bangalore 560 005)

Date :19/12/2012

When the head of the Tejas Foundation first came to me, I was hearing about the E-learning curriculum for the first time . But once the demo was done it hit me so much that I was ready to go out of the way to introduce it.The E-Learning system as it is known has proved to be a success in my school. The students are now taking keen interest into subjects and the marks are surely improving.

The children are getting a break from their boring textbooks and are more interested in class. They also seem to not loose focus in between class . This is only because of the E- Learning System has colourful and precise images which help the children to also understand the topic well. Infact, we have noticed that this system is proven to give a huge impact in their studies as well as their marks.

                                          Khalid Anjum

I feel schools should adopt this system and use it more often as it can bring a tremendous change in the students result as the generation today is comfortable with technology and tend to adopt it easily.